Annexus Quam-Osmose
Kalacakra-Crawling to Lhasa
Gila-Free Electric Sound
Carol of Harvest
Embryo - Opal
Annexus Quam - Osmose
Kalacakra - Crawling to Lhasa
Gila - Free Electric Sound
Brainticket - Cottonwoodhill
Carol of Harvest 
Kosmische Musik
Psychedelic Music from Germany
Amon Duul
Amon Duul-Paradieswarts Duul
The "crawling",free form sound of the underrated duet  Kalacakra.Eastern influences,flute,sitars,percussion,stoned vocals.Really trippy acid folk.
 Krautjazz  improvisations similar to Keith Tippet's Centipede.Mostly instumental with mystic atmosphere, one of the best albums (along with "Opal") coming from Germany.
A mix of jazz-rock, soul and cosmic sounds ,Opal is  the best album of  the German underground.Check out Embryo's first five albums.
Despite they are Swiss , Brainticket are considered as one of the peak Krautrock  bands.Their electronic psychedelic freak-out sound, with sticky funky grooves and female vocals on a bad trip, was many years ahead of its time.
Acid folk -psych album with a haunting feeling originally issued in 1976.
Recorded in Cologne in 1971 this is the first of their two albums.A Krautrock classic with electronic effects,acid guitar,tabla,and Eastern exotica sounds.Follow up "Bury my heart at wounded knee"  was inferior but remains an important  folk  contribution.
Dreamy psychedelic folk /space rock by classic Kraut band.
German electric folk rock with crystalline femme vocals.
"Duul" means "Moon"in turkish and "Amon" means "Sun"in egyptian.A masterpiece of psychedelic acid-folk,their third album from 1971.Three long parts with hypnotic guitar solos.
Austrian Krautrock, one of the rarest  european records.Classic forms,fuzz guitars and unusual vocals.
The German Underground
Krautrock Music
Dom -Edge of Time
A  1972  folk-avant garde album by  Dom ,a quartet with members from Germany,Poland and  Hungary.Acoustic instruments,flute, a voyage into space and hallucinogenic experiences.