Psychedelic  Music from Italy
Le Stelle di Mario Schifano
Le Orme-Ad Gloriam
Le Stelle di Mario Schifano
Le Orme - Ad Gloriam
Mario Schifano was for "Le Stelle" ("The Stars") what was Andy Warhol for The Velvet Underground.This pop-art sculptor and painter formed the group in 1967 and recorded this masterpiece in Rome.The first side, the 18 minute surreal - psychedelic  jam "Last Words of Brandimarte"  is  one of  my favourite tracks.

First album from 1969 by italian legendary band.
Circus 2000
.Circus 2000
Jacula-Tardo Pede In Magiam Versus
Debut album from 1970 sounds like Jefferson Airplane.Female vocals.
Second and more progressive LP from 1972.
.Circus 2000 - An Escape From A Box
Classic progressive rock LP from 1973.
Laser-Vita sul pianeta
Hard progressive album from this band which was based in  Rome recorded  in 1973.
Saint Just-s/t
Progressive Band based in Milan
De De Lind-Io non so da dove vengo ...
Folk Rock with beautiful vocals from Jane Sorrenti.

The Psycheground Group
Obscure progressive rock group with members of Nuova Idea.
the feed-back
Experimental jazz-rock recorded in 1970 by Italian supergroup that included Ennio Morricone.