Label: Twisted Flowers – TF001 
2 x LP 180gr Gatefold , Factory Sealed 
River Flows Reverse – When River Flows Reverse
Haunting and hypnotic folk coming from Hungary. 
Recorded by the talented members of the Psychedelic Source/Lemurian Folk Songs collective "in a cold shed in the middle of the muddy forest”,this double LP is mesmerizing, and full of quiet, pastoral beauty.
D Side has bonus tracks (not on the digital release).
Vocals: Krisztina Benus & Lőrinc Sántha
Trumpet: Nico Delmas
Other instruments: Bence Ambrus
Banjo intro on 'Ripples' : Lőrinc
Some noises: Gergely Gadolla
Drums on 'Karnevál' : Tibor Kovács


Side A
1 Leaving Shades Ahead 6:07
2 At the Gates of The Perennial 9:37
3 El Sendero 2:41

Side B
1 El Sendero II & III 10:12
2 Final Run 8:51

Side C
1 Rain It Rages 11:02
2 Oriental Western 02:58
3 Ripples 8:32

Side D (LP only bonus tracks)
1 Woodman Woo Wily 4:49
2 Karnevál 18:12
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