ZOO Magazine
Issues 1-21.A music magazine from Greece about classic rock with many pages about 60's psychedelia.Check out "Discoveries" and "Plasticland"(with  rare records prices and reviews) by Nikos Kontogouris.
Jazz & Tzazz
Music magazine from Greece with a  jazz orientation.Issues 45-48 with articles about Krautrock by Fontas Trousas.
1001,2001,3001 Record Collector Dreams
    Three books by Austrian collector Hans Pokora with covers and indicative prices of rare psychedelic vinyls.
Walter Geertsen
Collector from Belgium.Ask for a free"mammoth list" of rare records for sale.Contact address:WAALHOFSTRAAT 29   2100 DEURNE BELGIUM.
Julian Cope's book about Krautrock.
Music Emporium
Human Beast
The Deep-Psychedelic Moods
PsYcHeDeLiC MuSiC Resources
Rock Jam
Greek magazine by Nikos Kontogouris.